We're open again Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays - but who's counting!


knox.live is a performance venue & cocktail bar with a mission to support and foster emerging and established cross artform and performance artists, with in-kind contributions to stage events that otherwise may not have access to ticketed audiences.

Founded in 2014 in an underground garage and terrace house in Chippendale, the venue has hosted hundreds of events spanning live visual storytelling, original Australian pop & electronic music, spoken word, animation, multimedia and virtual town halls.

In 2020, the knox.live channel was created to livestream events to national and overseas audiences, with the vision to develop a hybrid event experience for in-person, virtual ticket and on-demand playback.

knox.live encourages pitches and proposals from artists, storytellers and event producers, for innovative and risk taking projects.

What people are saying

'Great performance space with amazing artists'

Helen Smith

'Great evening with "Read to Me" event. Great venue'

Alberto Solfrini

'Loved the atmosphere & comedy show'

Reet Nicholl

'Incredible atmosphere to hear independent artists'

Naomi Deck

'The coolest bar around Chippendale. Lovely cocktails, music and vibes'

Lachlan R. Dale

'One of the most interesting and unusual bars I've ever been to. Very lovely, fantastic drink choices'

Emma Smith

'Awesome local full of character and charm. A must for any Friday night'

Sean Danger Vanderfield

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